Wonderful Guadeloupe: Beautiful Travel Destinations

Guadeloupe is a French Overseas Department in the West Indies. It was one of the first regions to be colonized by Europeans, and has an abundance of beautiful terrain that can’t be found anywhere else on earth. Beautiful landscapes are what you will find when visiting Guadeloupe, no matter which part of this overseas department you visit. The beaches, waterfalls, rainforests – they’re all breath-takingly gorgeous! This article discusses some wonderful destinations within Guadeloupe for your next vacation.

Guadeloupe National Park, Basse-Terre – 

The Guadeloupe National Park is a beautiful area of the world. It covers most of Basse-Terre, and it holds many different species of plants and animals you can’t find anywhere else on earth! If hiking through the rainforest sounds like your idea of an excellent time, then this national park will not disappoint. Beautiful waterfalls pour out from high cliffs – which makes for some amazing picturesque views during your strolls within the forest! There’s also plenty to see in terms of wildlife: monkeys, exotic birds, and lizards are just a few examples that await you here at the park. Be sure to pack lots of snacks before spending any amount of time inside because there are no shops or restaurants nearby where you can purchase anything.

The Soufriere Volcano, Basse-Terre – 

One of the most popular attractions to visit in Guadeloupe is the Soufri√®re volcano! It’s an incredibly active and dangerous volcanic site that you can see from afar and even get close enough up-close for a view so beautiful it doesn’t seem real. But be sure you have nothing valuable on your person when visiting this part of the island because if any eruptions occur, there will likely be no chance of getting away safely with life or limb intact! Hopefully this won’t dissuade you from seeing such a spectacular sight though: just being near something as amazing as a live volcano is well worth taking risks to experience moments like these.

The Presqu’ile de la Caravelle, Les Saintes – 

If you’re looking for a beach town with incredible views and friendly locals who will go out of their way to make sure your stay is as pleasant as possible, look no further than the Presqu’ile de la Caravelle! This part of Guadeloupe has some truly gorgeous beaches that are great places to relax after days of exploring this Overseas Department. The water here remains shallow much longer than other beaches in Guadeloupe because it’s protected by an island nearby called Ilet √† Cabrit which makes it perfect for children or those who want to keep themselves safe from dangerous currents lurking beneath the surface! There are also plenty of places to eat and drink in the area, so you won’t go hungry or thirsty while spending time here.

Cascade aux Ecrevisses, Basse-Terre – 

One of the most stunning waterfalls on Guadeloupe is called Cascade aux Ecrevisses! When visiting this part of Basse-terre be sure to pack lots of snacks because there aren’t any shops nearby where you can purchase anything. Beautiful cascades pour down from high cliffs into beautiful turquoise pools below: it’s quite an often picture perfect sight that you’ll want to capture with your phone if not a proper camera too! If ever caught in bad weather when trying to see these falls then just remember they are always there to be enjoyed!

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