The Best Tourist Destinations in Seoul, South Korea

Combining the history, cuisine, art, and culture in one alluring city, the capital of South Korea definitely has plenty to offer. Thus, if you have a chance, visiting this city is indeed worthy. Seoul offers a powerful combination of the new and old. Ancient palaces and temples lie alongside towering skyscrapers, modern, sleek buildings, and thriving shopping.

Aside from being the country’s political and economic capital, the city of Seoul is the home to more than 25 million people. With this, Seoul is by far South Korea’s largest city. Thankfully, this city is well-organized, thus visiting its plenty of attractions and sights will not cause any problems.

Apart from the city’s cultural tourist attractions, the city of Seoul is a great place for food enthusiast. Take note that even those most non-descript stands still sell brilliant Korean fare. Moreover, shopping is popular in this city and its bustling streets are the home to a variety of shops which sell designer items. To get insights on where to visit in your trip to Seoul, here are its top tourist destinations.

Changdeokgung Palace

Changdeokgung Palace - Seoul Attractions - Go Guides

Reputed widely to the Seoul’s most lovely palaces, the Changdeokgung is supported by a mountain and it has a beautiful small scenic stream that flows before it, adhering to the principles of feng shui.

This formal royal residence was constructed during 1405. Donhwamum’s massive entrance gate is just one of its many highlights with 2-story wooden pavilion.

Walking around the complex palace is indeed a pleasant experience. The lovely Hawon gardens at the back adds to its beauty having a picturesque lotus pond that lies within the trees.

National Museum of Korea

Seoul shutters museums as COVID-19 cases rise in South Korea - Art Insider

If you want to learn more about the history of this nation, then visiting the National Museum of Korea is a must. Its educational and interesting exhibitions will take you from the prehistoric eras until the modern times.

Aside from its great information, you can also find loads of stunning Korean artworks around. Whilst its ten-story pagoda definitely snips the attention as it preciously towers inside the museum, the Silla Garden Crown is equally special because of its intricate artistry.

With about 15,000 artworks, sculptures, historic artifacts, and more on its display, the huge concrete building that houses the museum will definitely open your eyes to the richness of the Korean art and history.

N Seoul Tower

Klook Exclusive] N Seoul Tower Admission Ticket & Transfers from Myeongdong

Soaring above the skyline of Seoul, the famous Namsan Tower reaches up to 236meters and the view from atop are jaw-dropping. As one of South Korea’s most recognizable landmarks, you can find this tower on Mount Namsan. To reach the tower, you can take an enjoyable cable car ride. On one of the tower’s roof terraces, you will find thousands of locks that were left by different lovers so that their eternal love will be immortalized.

During nighttime, the communication and observation tower is illuminated brightly against the dark sky whilst the landscapes of Seoul light up in the darkness. Just know that both of these views are equally fascinating.

Leeum Samsung Museum of Art

Leeum Samsung Museum of Art

Having a great collection of the international and Korean art, visiting the Leeum Samsung Museum of Art is a dream. The galleries of this museum showcases both modern and traditional artworks and there are also several gorgeous paintings and ceramic arts. For one, The Diamond Mountains of Jeong Seon is specifically beautiful. This painting truly looks like the mountains that are scattered around South Korea.

Among its modern art pieces, the crowd often gather round Basquiat’s Untitled (Black Figure), a scribbled and graffiti style painting that is alluring.

Namdaemun Market

5 Best Street Markets in Seoul - Seoul's Most Popular Street Markets – Go  Guides

South Korea’s oldest and biggest market, Namdaemun is a busy place you can visit. In this place, you can purchase anything from clothes and cheap jewelries to electronics and traditional souvenirs.

A popular place amongst the locals and tourists, this market has a dynamic feel having colorful advertisements that pops out on all angles. With plenty of great food stalls and restaurants, this is also a good spot to visit if you want to taste the excellent street food of Seoul.

Lotte World

Seoul Lotte World and Lotte World Aquarium Tickets - KKday

Tons of excitement to visit, the Lotte World is the home to the biggest indoor amusement park of the world. If it was not enough, you can also visit the immense department store and shopping mall nearby.

As a famous attraction among the locals, the Lotte World is the Disneyland version of Seoul. For sure, the children will barely contain themselves the moment they get to see the rides. So, whether you are fond of roller coasters or splashing long rides, surely, Lotte World is the best place for fun and excitement in Seoul.

Myeongdong Shopping Street

Hotels near Myeongdong Shopping Street - Seoul

Aptly means “bright tunnel”, the Myeongdong Shopping Street will definitely amaze you as there are lots of colorful, bright signs. As one of the city’s most famous shopping streets, this is a captivating place to observe people. Here, you will find various people flocking to purchase goods from different shops along the street.

With plenty of food stands and restaurants to offer, this is also an ideal place for you to try some delightful street foods too.


Oraegage Series pt. 4 – Insa-dong Special | The Official Travel Guide to  Seoul

If you are after for souvenirs, then the right place for you to visit is Insandong. This neighborhood is the home to tons of antique shops and boutiques that sells traditional Korean trinkets and crafts. Also, you can find art galleries and tea shops in this street. Moreover, there are several lovely garden restaurants on its backstreet alleys.

Exploring Insandong is surely fun. The modern Jongno Tower and traditional Bosingak pavilion highlight the neighborhood’s various sides perfectly since both are equally captivating.

Noryangjin Fish Market

A Complete Guide to Seoul's Noryangjin Fish Market

If you are opting for a delicious seafood and fish, the great place to visit is Noryangjin Fish Market. The largest and oldest fish market of the city is indeed an active and lively place. If you want to experience its hustle at its best, you should come here at 3am when they auction their best catches.

The Noryangjin is an exciting and fun place for tourists to stop by. Surely, you will be amazed at the fish that are on display. Furthermore, there are a lot of small restaurants and food stands and all its fresh fish are mouthwatering.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace | Seoul | South Korea | AFAR

This palace is the most impressive and largest among the Five Grand Palaces. You can find this palace easily by just following the crowds of visitors who come here every day. Built originally by the Joseon Dynasty in 1395, this vast palace complex was destroyed over the centuries for a lot of time already. Furthermore, most of the lovely buildings that we see this day dates back to 1867 only.

The architecture of Korea is striking all over. Some of its highlight is the royal banquet hall that dwells in a beautiful area on an artificial lake and the quarters of the king that has a luxurious interior.

As a mesmerizing place, the visitors can explore its plethora of buildings and royal rooms. Also, observing the ceremony for the changing of the guards at Gwanghwamun’s main entrance is a must!

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